“The calm” from the exhibition – Expressions of the ocean

November 11, 2015

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This piece is far too impressive to talk about, it has to be seen. Measuring  1560mm by 660mm, this carving is an outstanding addition to any room. There’s something to be said about a congregation of hundreds of Hammerhead sharks. The first thing is that if you were to enter the water at this stage, they would be swimming through the ocean totally oblivious to your presence.

That may seem like an impossible scenario when we are taught that sharks are aggressive and predators to mankind, however, these beliefs, need to be questioned and that doesn’t mean you need to get into the middle of one of these migrations.

The Hammerhead Shark is oblivious to us for a reason. That reason is, that they are making this journey to find a mate, so they’ve got one thing on their mind. The piece is entitled “Calm” as this
the moment is the Calm Before the Storm, as whilst the journey is gentle, the act of mating is in fact a  tumbling, biting, and wrestling experience.

Value $5000 SOLD

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