“Dinner?” from the exhibition – Expressions of the ocean

November 11, 2015

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Inspired by the “One Tonne Challenge” led by gifted graphic designer and peninsula resident Josie Jones winner of the “Keep Australia Beautiful Gift fund 2015” for her efforts and contribution
the environment. Josie documented and collected over a tonne of rubbish from the shores of Mornington Peninsula and continues her passion for the preserving the ocean with “I’m really a mermaid” poster set, communicating thought provoking messages, with all funds rasied being donated back to the ocean, with recipients such as Hastings based Dolphin Research Institute.

Dinner is  created from the coastal rubbish of the one tonne challenge.  This piece speaks volumes for our current position on global rubbish disposal and our need to care. As quoted by National Geographic magazine displayed on the frame of this piece. ‘This Australian “mermaid” out to cleanup the world, one bit of rubbish at a time, has a simple heartfelt mantra she lives by “If you see it pick it up.” The world would be a different place if everyone adopted the same philosophy.’ Dinner is a piece close to all our hearts, as it shows one act can make a difference, no matter how small.

Value $2500 SOLD

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