Winning piece – “Soul moment” from the exhibition – Expressions of the ocean

November 11, 2015

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Congratulations to Christian Gundesen on winning the ‪#‎sculpture‬ division of the Dromana art Show
Best sculpture for the show was awarded to his piece entitled “soulmates” a ‪#‎pencilcarving‬ of 2 seahorses and quite a remarkable piece, pictured here

The night saw people captivated by the variations in creations presented by ‪#‎christiangundesen‬ for the weekends show. One of the most beautiful things, was listening to the people pick their favorite.  Comments were flying around the room in response to his diverse creations, such as Matt Spooner and his remark ” Just when you thought he can’t take it any further, he shows up with this!”

The work presented for the show was diverse and different, whilst Christian presented a carving of a Leafy Sea Dragon carved from cuttle-bone, he presented six pieces, using, coastal rubbish, lead pencil, and resin. The framing was also an area that Christian explored with his piece in resin, sporting a metal welded top and bottom frame, uniquely backlit and captivating.

Value $1800 SOLD

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