Seals Play

The brown fur seal is the largest and most robust fur seal. It has a large and broad head with a pointed snout that may be flat or upturned slightly. They have external ear flaps (pinnae) and their whiskers (vibrissae) are long, and may extend backward past the pinnae, especially in adult males. The foreflippers are covered with sparse hair over about three-quarters of their length. The hindflippers are short relative to the large body, with short, fleshy tips on the digits. The size and weight of the brown fur seal depends on the subspecies. The Southern African subspecies is on average slightly larger than the Australian subspecies.

May 30, 2013

  • Driftwood & Cuttlebone seals (3)

“I talk with the client and really listen to what their love is about what they desire me to carve.The real bonus for me is seeing their face when they receive the piece in their hands their expression of joy is priceless”

Value $1500 SOLD

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