Dolphin Research Institute raises $43K with some help from Christian Gundesen

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On the 17th October this year, saw over a 100 people celebrate 2015 Dinner with the Dolphins, at Mt Eliza’s Ranelagh Club, overlooking the dolphins’ home.

A special event celebrating 25 years of protecting the bay and the population of over 150 dolphins to raise funds to support research and education in the decades to come.
It was a privileged moment when auctioneer started the bidding the $850 on a piece titled GENERATIONS valued at $1500. The piece was well saught after and final bidding came to the value of $1700. seeing this gorgeous piece added to a personal collection.

Inspired by the dolphins of Port Phillip bay and the generations being documented, through the wonderful work of the Dolphin Research Institute.

“Ariel” was one of the first bottle-nose dolphins identified in 1993 by the research team. Ariel has a distinctive fin, which has been seen nearly every year in research images since, making her one the DRI most famous dolphin.

Ariel has given birth to several calves, one affectionately called “Ariels Calf” who has reportedly become as famous as her Mum, giving birth to a calf called “Tangles”
after being rescued by DRI in 2013 from a serious entanglement in shark line. Bottle-nose dolphins are Long-lived residents in Port Phillip with the presence
of at least three generations. We hope to see Ariel and her family in more photos thanks to the workof the Dolphin Research Institute, these last 25 years!

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On September 25, 2015

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