Featured Sculptor 2015 Dromana Art Show

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Join us at the Dromana Art Show in it’s 41st year of vibrant collaboration between Dromana Primary School and Dromana Rotary Club. It is bigger and
more exciting than ever, showcasing contemporary and traditional works across a range of mediums.

This year sees the ever talented Christian Gundesen as the featured sculptor.Christian will be exhibiting 6 unique pieces created especially for this show
and we are certain, it’s not to be missed.

Using his traditional cuttlebone carvings, this exhibition sees Christian move into other mediums, such as carving the lead of a pencil, turning rubbish into
a living expression of the ocean and cuttlebone pieces that will have you standing in awe. Join us for the 41st annual Dromana Art Show.

Featured here is sculpture “reflections” an immaculate piece of work by Chrsitian and a new found love his his cuttlebone creations, embedded in to a frame of resin and custom framed in a rusted metal casing, backed by a hand painted ocean and under light to refleat a real life moment in the ocean. This makes this carving an outstanding talking piece.

Although the dolphins in this piece are Bottle-nose, there may be something you may not know. In 2011 a species of Dolphin called “Burrunan Dolphin” distinguished by it’s size was discovered.

Up to 150 of these dolphins have been fond in Victorian waters of the Gippsland lakes and Port Phillip bay. The Burrunan Dolphin is a rare species and lives in a mix of salt and fresh water, an unusual environment for dolphins.

You may recall the reports of dolphins seen in the Yarra River back in 2011? Although reports stated they were Bottle-nose, they were in fact the Burrunan dolphin.

Another noticeable characteristic is their 3 toned colour of greys, making them enchanting. The name Burrunan is an Aboriginal name in the Boonwurrung, Woiwurrung and Taungurung languages, meaning “large sea fish of the porpoise kind.”

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On October 25, 2015

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