Peninsula Short Film Festival Trophy

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When approached by Steve Bastoni creator of the Peninsula Short Film festival  to carve the first prize trophy for the 2016 winner; Christian was excited! He decided to make a piece which spoke volumes in regards to the essence of cinematography in the eyes of Steve Bastoni along with the history of the “Rosebud”

Christian set about to join the collaborative, which includes well known and talented glass blower Grant Donaldson of Gordon Glassblowers of Red Hill.

Days were spent, working out how to create the entire piece. Whilst Christian whittled away at creating a lifelike rose, Grant was busy blowing bubbles of glass in order for Christian to insert the hand carved cuttlebone rose. The ball of glass was then to be filled with water and an assortment of gold glitter, reflecting first prize and the majesty of movie creation.

Christian and Grant worked together to secure the glass ball within a wooden base, also hand turned by Gundesen. With a few finishing touches of glitter being rubbed into the wood, the logo added, by way of a special transfer process, the base was then coated and attached to the glass ball. The final piece speaks, with it’s gentle fall of gold leaf encased in a stunning ball of glass. This piece is unique, as are all of Chrisitan’s work

We congratulate Kai Smythe winner of this years 2016 PSFF for his short film How deep can I go? We would also like to extend our thanks to Grant Donaldson and Eileen Gordon for their care and assistance on the creating the snow globe. To Steve Bastoni and his crew for their creation of the short film, on the making of the trophy and the privilege of creating this piece. We’d like to make special mention to Steve’s starring role in the fantastic film “Broke” featured on Friday night prior to the festival, a must see! To The Mens Shed in Red Hill for their advice and use of the workshop and to Graphic design partner Josie Jones for her direction and input on the trophy finishes.

Thank you

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On February 7, 2016

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