Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

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Rye artist and Ocean Art founder Christian Gundesen to display cuttlebone sculptures at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show
Intrigued by the material, Gundesen started crafting miniature surfboards and experimented with carving sea creatures and things that can be found at the beach.

Gundesen’s creations will soon branch out into garden environments, as he collaborates with James Ross Landscape Design to make a large artwork for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in March.

“James will be producing a five-metre squared garden with a peninsula theme which will feature plants, wood and rocks that are unique to this coastline. My contribution will be a sea theme set into one of the walls of the garden,” Gundesen said.

Starting out working from his home studio, Gundesen’s business has quickly grown. He now shares a studio space with a furniture maker at a factory in Rye.

A single piece can take anywhere between four and 24 hours to sculpt, depending on its size and complexity.

“It demands a lot of patience and persistence,” the artist said. “Sometimes it’s all night without sleep so it can be testing. But I always get enjoyment from seeing a finished piece.”

As seen in The Leader February 28th 2014 http://bit.ly/1x0GKq3
Sculptor and founder of Ocean Art Christian Gundesen makes unique sculptures using cuttlebone and driftwood found on beaches on the Mornington Peninsula. Picture: Richard Serong

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